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JB Recording Studios holds ourselves to the highest Recording Studio standards with top-of-the-line equipment, facilities, and production assistance. We offer talented voice over artists and actors with our services - including Mixing and Mastering at competitive rates.
Get in touch and learn how we can help you achieve your audio and filming goals.
Live Room

Our main studio is where we capture the magic with our fully equipped, 35 square metre booth and plenty of seating.

Control Room

Our production studio is where we take a recording and add that little sprinkle that comes with a beautifully mixed,

edited and mastered product.

At JB Recording studios, we pride ourselves in having state of the art, up to date hardware, software and systems.
With our various systems, whether it be our Pro-tools or Logic Pro, your assured of a great product.

Introducing our new Production Room

Experience a harmonious blend of work and relaxation in our cutting-edge production room, designed for optimal creativity. Ideal for monitoring sessions in the control room, hosting Zoom meetings, and conducting productive production meetings. Unwind in ultimate comfort, making this space a sought-after choice for podcast and interviews.

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