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QUESTION : Help !! Can you record and produce a radio advert quickly? 

Answer : Most definitely. We have voice over artists on standby and we can produce the                                        music within an hour.

QUESTION : What do you charge?

Answer : Our studio rates are R850 per hour. 

QUESTION : What genre's do you record?

Answer : We can record live bands IE drums , rhythm section , brass and vocals.

                             Thus we record jazz bands , Afrikaans albums as well as Gospel and pop bands.

                             We also specialize in the spoken word.

QUESTION : Do you record and produce television and social media adverts.

Answer : We certainly do. We do coordinate with videographers on a daily basis and package                               an advert to meet your needs.

QUESTION : Are you a record label?

Answer  : No .We only record what you want us to record.If you are looking to launch a music                                   career , we suggest you google for a record label.

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